2012-2013 Massachusetts Hockey Program of the Year

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2012-2013 Massachusetts Hockey Program of the Year

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Brewins Rookie Program

by posted 11/12/2019
Brewins Youth Hockey Coffee Tumbler

Brewins Coffee Tumblers are available for sale at the online store

Online Store

or you can place your cash order at the Taunton Aleixo Ice rink on Monday 5pm - 7:30pm

*** Demo purpose only.  Actual mug will have the Brewins Logo

by posted 11/09/2019
Chipotle Brewins Fundraiser

by posted 11/04/2019
USA Hockey Increases Penalty for Racial/Derogatory Slurs

Brewins Families,


I wanted to share a link to the letter from USA Hockey's President Jim Smith in regard to the increase awareness and penalty for Racial/Derogatory Slurs.   I ask that each of you read the article and make sure to discuss this with your kids as to the importance of showing respect on and off the ice.


Jim Smith Letter


Robert deNormand


Brewins Youth Hockey

by posted 10/31/2019
Brewins - Pertussis Advisory – General

Brewins Families,


We wanted to let you know that we were contacted by the Department of Public Health, who communicated that there was a confirmed case of the Pertussis (Whooping Cough) among a participant on one of the Brewins teams.  That team has already been notified and has separate recommend actions.   For other teams the Department of Public Health is recommending that all parents read the below advisory and understand the symptoms and if you do have any concerns, please reach out to your health care provider.  




Pertussis Advisory – General

This is to advise you that there has been a confirmed case of pertussis (whooping cough)
on a youth hockey team. At this time, there are no recommendations for antibiotics for your child. However, parents and guardians should be aware of the signs and symptoms of pertussis. If your child has symptoms or develops symptoms, testing is recommended and five days of antibiotic treatment will be required before being able to return to school or group activities.


What is pertussis?                         Pertussis (also called whooping cough) is a disease caused by bacteria that spreads from person to person with close contact. Pertussis is often mild in older children and adults, but can cause serious problems in infants.


Who gets pertussis?                      In MA, pertussis is most common among people 10-20 years old who have lost the protection they got from childhood vaccines. Infants are also likely to get the disease since they are often too young to have full protection from the vaccine.


What are the symptoms?            Pertussis is a cough illness whose symptoms can range from mild to severe. It usually begins with cold-like symptoms, with a runny nose, sneezing and dry cough. The cough lasts for a week or two, then slowly gets worse. The next stage, which may last from four to six weeks, is marked by uncontrollable coughing spells, often followed by vomiting. Between spells, the person may appear to be well and usually there is no fever. These typical symptoms are more common in infants and young children. Vaccinated children, teens and adults may have milder symptoms that can seem like bronchitis.


How is pertussis spread?            The germs that cause pertussis live in the nose, mouth and throat and are sprayed into the air when an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks. Other people can then inhale the germs in the droplets produced by the person with pertussis. Touching a tissue or sharing a cup used by someone with the disease can also spread the disease. The first symptoms usually appear 7 to 10 days after a person is exposed, although sometimes people do not get sick for up to 21 days after their last exposure.


How is pertussis diagnosed?      A doctor may think a patient has pertussis based on their symptoms. However, a laboratory test is the only way to confirm pertussis. The type of test that should be done depends on the age of your child and how long they have been coughing. Your child’s health care provider should consult with the Department of Public Health to determine the correct test.


How can pertussis be prevented?    Although DTP or DTaP vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) usually provides adequate protection against pertussis, the effects of the vaccine wear off over time, leaving most teens and adults at risk of the disease. However a vaccine for teens and adults, called Tdap, is now recommended to provide protection against pertussis in these age groups. Tdap is given as a single “booster” dose. If your child or adolescent (10 years of age or older) has not yet had a dose of Tdap, contact your healthcare provider to discuss receiving this vaccine. If your child is less than 7 years of age, they should be up to date (check with your provider if you are unsure). Antibiotics are sometimes given to help prevent illness in the contacts of someone with pertussis or to decrease infectiousness in someone with pertussis. After five days of treatment a case is no longer contagious.


What should I do?                          If your child has any symptoms of pertussis, please contact your health care provider and bring this advisory with you. If you have any questions, please contact the Lakeville Public Health Nurse, Lori A Desmarais, RN BSN at (508) 946-3473 or the Massachusetts Department of Public Health at (617) 983-6800.


Thank you,

Robert deNormand

Brewins Youth Hockey

by posted 10/30/2019
Brewins Vape Policy

The Brewins Board is currently in the process of developing a policy regarding the possession of vape products (e-cigarettes) in locker rooms or at team events. We anticipate finalizing the policy in November.  In the interim, players are strictly prohibited from possessing and/or using any vaping and/or e-cigarette products in locker rooms or at team events. This includes before, during, and after games and practices.  This policy also applies to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

Brewins Youth Hockey is taking this public health threat very seriously and is approaching it with a zero-tolerance policy. Players found utilizing or possessing such materials at any team event will be suspended immediately from games and practices, pending a hearing with the Brewins board.

We also remind our players that are currently or plan to be high school athletes of the MIAA rules on this subject.  MIAA rules prohibit students from possessing any alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products (including cigarettes and vaping products).  Any student violating this MIAA rule is ineligible for 25% of their high school season for the first offense.

by posted 10/11/2019
Brewins - SSC Rule 19

Brewins families,

Below is the SSC Rule 19.  It is required that each family reads this rule and understands it.  If you have any questions please let us know.

Brewins Youth Hockey


The member towns and coach of each team are responsible for the behavior of the spectators from their town. If the spectators get unruly or abusive during the game, it is up to the direction of the referee to stop the game and determine who is at fault. If it can be determined whom or what town is at fault, they shall forfeit the game. If it cannot be determined who is at fault or it is unsafe to continue the game, it will be stopped and the Disciplinary Committee will make a decision.

1. The South Shore Conference will establish a discipline committee to investigate and conduct a hearing if appropriate, concerning any major incident involving spectator or parent. An officer of the SSC will chair the Discipline Committee. The discipline committee will be comprised of three members of the Executive Board and two Program Directors on a rotating monthly basis.

2. A major incident shall be defined as, but not limited to, the use of obscene or vulgar language, verbal: physical abuse, taunting of players, coaches, officials and throwing of objects in the viewing area, team benches, or ice surface, etc.
3. When a major incident on the ice rink property used by the SSC involving a parent or spectator is brought to the attention of the SSC Executive Board by rink officials, ice officials(referee or timekeepers), incident reports or other programs,  the affected programs will be notified by the SSC President or designee.

4. The program(s) will have 48 hours to respond with recommendation for discipline to the chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee. The program will identify everyone involved. If the program’s action is deemed acceptable, no further action shall be taken. If the chairperson of the Discipline Committee deems the program’s recommendation unacceptable and/or inadequate, the individuals involved will immediately be suspended from all SSC activities until the incident is resolved. The Discipline Committee shall convene to investigate the incident and to hold a hearing within one week. All parties involved in the major incident shall attend the discipline hearing.

5. Annually prior to the start of the hockey season, each program will be responsible for sending written or electronic notice to the membership advising them of RULE #19, a copy of the letter will be submitted to the South Shore Conference President no later that the September directors meeting

by posted 09/03/2019
Brewins 2019-2020 Rookie Program


by posted 05/21/2019
Brewins Organization Featured in USA Hockey Article

The Taunton Brewins featured in an article by USA Hockey!!!

The article, titled "Brewins Youth Hockey Moving Forward with American Development Model" written by Stephen Kerr, highlights how the Taunton Brewins are transitioning to the American Development Model (ADM) which highlights age-specific training and is the model that is endorsed not only by USA Hockey but is being used by many other sports organizations.

by posted 05/19/2019
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